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SEDERE Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors
Introducing SEDEX detectors

SEDERE develops, manufactures, distributes and supports SEDEX detectors, the most complete and versatile product line dedicated to Low-Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detection (LT-ELSDTM). As one of the pioneers of this detection mode, SEDERE remains exclusively focused on this technology as its core competency.

As the industry leader, SEDERE leverages decades of experience and customer knowledge to continually raise the bar for High Sensitivity, High Flexibility and High Fidelity detector performance for chromatography laboratories.

The unparalleled selection of five SEDEX LT-ELSDTM models can satisfy both very high performance requirements and budget limitations for all analytical and preparative chromatography applications from basic research to quality control.

Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors (ELSD) provide a Universal detection mode for the following analysis technologies:

  • Standard HPLC,
  • U-HPLC,
  • HTLC,
  • µ-HPLC,
  • GPC,
  • Preparative HPLC,
  • Flash Chromatography,
  • Counter Current Chromatography,
  • SFC.

ELSD doesn’t rely on the optical properties of the analyte, making this detection mode ideal for all compounds less volatile than the mobile phase, including those with no chromophore or widely differing extinction coefficients.

This detection mode is able to accurately measure a wide range of analytes with consistent response and is therefore an extremely useful technique to get the complete picture of complex samples.

In some cases, SEDEX LT-ELSDTM presents great advantages over UV, RI and MS:

  • - UV detection fails to detect compounds without chromophores.
  • - RI detection lacks sensitivity, cannot be used with gradient and is often difficult to operate due to drift and instability.
  • - MS necessitates specific technical skills to be operated and cannot be used when analytes are difficult to ionize.

Typical applications using ELSD include Lipids, Carbohydrates, Surfactants, Polymers but also Pharmaceutical High Throughput Screening, Peptides and Proteins, Natural Products and small molecules such as Amino Acids (without any derivation step) or Inorganic Ions (without the need of any additional post-column device). SEDEX LT-ELSDTM is commonly used in Industrial, Governmental and University research and control laboratories.