IDEX Manual Injectors

Rheodyne products are designed as advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and in vitro diagnostic systems. Rheodyne Manual Sample Injectors for HPLC are the benchmark and the preferred choice of analysts.

Models 7725, 7725i, 9725 and 9725i. – Analytical Injectors

The 316 stainless steel models 7725 and 7725i and PEEK models 9725 and 9725i are Rheodyne’s most advanced manual injectors for analytical HPLC. Specialized features include:

  • The Rheodyne patented Make-Before-Break (MBB®) architecture allows continuous flow between LOAD and INJECT positions which greatly reduces transcient pressure shocks that disrupt systems.
  • Wide, 30. Port angles offer easier access to fittings using the Rheodyne Wrench.
  • Front-end pressure screw makes it easy to adjust and maintain pressure.
  • Capability of a reproducible 2µL sample injection with a 2µL internal sample loop.
  • A built-in position sensing switch provides the chromatograph with a reproducible start signal.
Models 3725-038, 3725i-038, 3725 and 3725i – Preparative Scale Injectors

Models 3725-038 and 37215i (316 stainless steel) and 3725 and 3725i (biocompatible PEEK) are the most suitable manual valueves to use with large sample volumes, high flow rates and preparative columns sized 1.0 – 10 cm in diameter. The ports accommodate 3.2mm (1/8”) OD tubing, and 1.6mm (1/16”) OD tubing. The 1.0mm diameter passage allows flow rates of 10 to 100 ml/minute with virtually no pressure drop. The Preparative scale injectors incorporate Rheodyne’s patented Make-Before-Break (MBB®) architeccture allowing continuous flow between LOAD and INJECT positions.

RheBuild® Kits

RheBuild Kits are available for all Rheodyne® brand injectors. Included in each individulized RheBuild Kit are all parts, tools and instructions to maintain precision performance of the injectors. RheBuiild Kits eliminate individual part ordering.

Stainless Sample Loops

The high quality stainless steel sample loops from Rheodyne have burr-free, square-cut ends to ensure a flush connection to valve ports. The size designations of loops are nominal. Since both standards and unknowns are usually analyzed using the sample sample loop, knowledge of the accurate volume is rarely needed. Model 7725 Injector loops not interchangeable with loops of model 7125.

PEEK® Sample Loops

Flexible PEEK sample loops are alternatives to stainless steel loops. PEEK loop ends are provided with clean, straight cuts for easy valve installation. PEEK polymer is inert to almost all organic solvents and is biocompatible. Like metal loops, the size designations of PEEK loops are nominal. PEEK loops are supplied with unswaged RheFlex Fittings but do not require the same swaging precautions.