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DLVHP/ST Vacuum Hydrogen Peroxide Autoclaves

De Lama's innovative process for the Vacuum Hydrogen Peroxide Autoclave uses unique vacuum technology allowing full gas penetration into the widest variety of packaging. Sterilization or Decontamination cycles work in an open loop, without any consumable and grant a very high level of repeatability.

Design & Construction Features
  • Capacity: From 500 lts. up to few cubic meters (other sizes available on request)
  • Semi-automatic hinged doors or automatically sliding doors
  • Chamber execution in highly satin finish AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Direct ventilation in chamber with magnetic coupling fan to improve hydrogen peroxide circulation
  • Open loop configuration with catalyst (no consumables) on exhaust
  • SCADA Windows OS Control System,CFR 21-Part 11
Main Advantages & Functional Features
  • Process reliable and fully validatable
  • Enhanced extraction of residual H2O2
  • Low H2O2 consumption
  • Cycle repeatability
  • Time savings
Products Sterilizable with DLVHP/ST
  • Terminal Sterilization of Packaging, even outside a classified area ( Class A or B)
  • Sterilization of thermosensitive medical devices such as catheters, plastic syringes, masks etc.
  • Heat-sensitive surgical Kits
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