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Ravona Drum Sampling Isolator System

Ravona’s Drum Sampling System enables pharmaceutical companies to easily and safely sample potent and sensitive substances. The System is implemented in logistical and distribution centers. The System is most suitable for potent substances as well as oxygen/humidity/light sensitive substances. Ravona’s Drum Sampling System eliminates the use of awkward solutions such as pressure suits or exposure of the user or substances.

Ravona’s Drum Sampling System consist of one working chamber and two airlock systems. The containers are inserted into a smart airlock system, enabling the user to sample the substances in a controlled environment.Ravona’s Drum Sampling Systems are custom made to fit various types, sizes and shapes of barrels and other containers. The Chamber and airlocks are made of SS316, fully cleanable with round corners and surface polish of Ra<0.4. The system uses a “Guillotine” type door to allow easy operation and space saving. The system is fully PLC controlled with pre-conditions alarms and warnings. Full cGMP documentation is provided.

Ravona’s Drum Sampling System was first developed for Teva Pharmaceutical. This is another example of our customized innovative solutions

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Ravona Drum Sampling Isolator System