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MEGATRON Inline Disperser- MT-SHS, Super High Shear

The newly developed MEGATRON MT-SHS Pilot Plant unit is able to produce rotor tip speeds of 65m/s and shear rate of 300,000s-1. These values are upto six times higher than conventional dispersing machines and achieve droplet or particle sizes smaller than 1 micron (depending on the material). The standard inject can take a dispersed phase (such as oil) from the 1.2 liter glass container and inject it directly onto the turbulent zone of the rotor/stator. This prevents uncontrolled mixing of the ingredients outside the working chamber which could lead to adverse reaction/results. Due to the very high energy input it is possible to achieve particle or droplet sizes that go well into the nano range in many cases.

The MEGATRON MT-SHS is ideal for many applications such as: mixing of liquids, induction and dispersing of powders in liquids, Foaming by air induction in liquids, finest emulsions from oil in water , high efficient particle reduction, agglomeration destruction. etc.

  • - Suitable for emulsions and suspensions
  • - Newly developed concept in rotor/stator technology provides the smallest possible particle sizes with highest efficiency
  • - Rotor tip speeds of 65m/sec
  • - Shear rates upto 300,000 s-1
  • - High specific energy input resulting in nano sized particles or droplets ( Product dependent)
  • - Different rotor/stator geometries available
  • - Scale-up to production machines.

Areas of Application

  • Production of finest emulsions
  • Production of very finest suspensions
  • Highly efficient particle size reduction
  • Agglomerate destruction
  • Reaction acceleration
  • Production of high quality dispersions
  • Finest Homogenization
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