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MEGATRON Inline Disperser- MT-FM, Foaming Machine

In collaboration with University of Zurich (ETH), Switzerland, KINEMATICA have developed a new generation of foaming machines in the MEGATRON® FM model series and introduced them into the market. The outstanding feature of our Foaming Machine is the generation of micro bubbles in the order of magnitude of 5-10 µm and their dense distribution due to our innovative rotor/stator geometry. The MT-FM models have flow rates in the range 10 – 4000 Lit/hour featuring Generator diameters from 30mm to 300mm.

The extremely effective foaming machine MEGTRON® FM works continuously and is available in configurations suitable for laboratory, pilot plant and production areas of applicable industries. Scale-up starting from formulation using a few liters up to production is easily possible due to our application know how and different rotor/stator geometries.

  • Throughput volume of up to 4,000 l/h (others on request)
  • Wear-free three-phase motors with RECO® speed control
  • Two different rotor/stator geometries available in varying diameters and lengths.
  • Air induction of up to 600 % possible
  • All parts contacting the product are made of 316L stainless steel
  • O-rings and seals from materials resistant to product matrix.
  • Double mechanical seals for shaft sealing including sealant pressure system
  • Available as Clean in Place (CIP) and Sterilize in Place (SIP) units
  • 3A compliant
  • According to ATEX guidelines
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