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Laboratory and R&D Autoclaves

EL - D Line models

Tuttnauer's laboratory autoclaves cover a wide range of applications in research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical, food, medical and biotechnological industries. The advanced benchtop laboratory autoclave line features table top sterilizers from Tuttnauer with fast cooling, optional drying and waste treatment options. The advanced laboratory line provides a single solution for the full spectrum of sterilization needs including liquids, culture media, instruments, glassware, plastics, pipette tips, biological waste, contaminated media and other laboratory items. The autoclave is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The advanced laboratory autoclave line is available in an unmatched range of table top models with chamber volumes from 23 to 160 liters.

EL models have an advanced multi-color control panel and a chamber made of 316L or 316Ti stainless steel.Each model has a number of optional added-value features which can be configured for fast cooling, efficient drying, biohazard and waste sterilization, Fo control, and more. Based on the model chosen, once can use Erlenmeyer flasks in the volume range 250ml to 5000ml using these autoclaves.

Typical Life science applications using EL-D Line Models
  • Liquid sterilization with various cooling options
  • Pipette and Glass sterilization
  • Instrument sterilization (wrapped or unwrapped)
  • Biohazard and Waste sterilization
  • Agar preparation

Benchtop lab autoclaves are designed to save space on your laboratory workbench.

EL – Fully Automatic Models

With higher capacity and better performance, Tuttnauer's EL Laboratory line of fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, benchtop, steam sterilizers provides safe, economical and effective sterilization. Integrated reservoir for water feed, with water level control and steam recirculation saves on demineralized water consumption and enables the autoclave to be independent of a water supply. External heating elements make the sterilizer easy to clean.

  • Sterilizes liquids, solids,glassware, and biohazard
  • Advanced microprocessor control panel
  • Independent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Independent digital and mechanical door safety features
  • Chamber constructed of 316Ti grade stainless steel
  • Accelerated cooling technology reduces cycle time
Control & Documentation
  • High Precision control system for perfect sterilization results
  • Password protection allows for secure access control
  • Independent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Cycle information recovery in the case of power failure or cycle interruption
  • Fail alert-Indicates cycle failure or interruption
  • Door alert-Indicates the door is unlocked
  • RS232C PC connection Port for direct software updates and remote maintenance/monitoring
Safety Features

Built with a number of door safety features – prevent door opening when chamber is pressurized, steam not allowed entry when door is open, cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked, door cannot unlock until liquid temperature reaches the predetermined end temperature, temperature activated door lock # door will not open until the temperature is below a specified safe level etc.

Compliance to Standards

Tuttnauer’s high quality laboratory autoclaves comply with the strictest international directives and standards.

  • Pressure Equipment: PED 97/23 EEC, EN 10028-7, ASME Code Sec VIII
  • Safety: IEC/UL/EN61010-1, IEC 61010-2-040, EN 61326
  • Sterilization: DIN 58951 Series, ISO 17665-1:2006
  • Quality System: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003
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