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FMS-Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer

The FMS-Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer is a non-destructive gas analyzer for monitoring headspace carbon dioxide concentration in sealed parenteral containers. This compact benchtop instrument utilizes a patented laser absorption technique developed with funding from the Food and Drug Administration.

The FMS-Carbon Dioxide analyzer measures the absorption of laser light by carbon dioxide in the container headspace. A mean CO2 pressure, standard deviation, maximum reading and minimum reading are recorded and displayed for a full understanding the process. The non-destructive measurement enables multiple measurements on the same container over time. Because carbon dioxide is a by product of microbial growth, the FMS-Carbon dioxide analyzer can be used to monitor microbial growth in sealed containers. In addition the system can be used for 100% analysis of a batch, providing insight into process variability and allowing for optimization.

  • Measurement Range : 0 to 760 torr
  • Measurement Time: 5 seconds
  • Container sizes: 1 to 100ml
  • Container Compatibility: Tubing or molded; amber or clear

Applications Include:

  • Container closure integrity testing of frozen product stored on dry ice for transpor
  • IPC monitoring of carbon dioxide levels during the filling of product purged with carbon dioxide in the headspace
  • Microbial growth detection in media vials
  • Optimization and validation of purging systems on filling lines
  • Analytical media fill inspection
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