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Today’s Pharmaceutical industry demands various process be conducted in a contained environment. Ravona focuses on working with our customers on creating innovative solutions to adhere to customers process needs.Ravona’s process isolators combine and integrate a wide variety of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolator working chamber. Our process isolators integrate solutions provided by our industry partners.

Ravonaoffers Isolators for a wide range of process isolators for R&D, QA and Production:

  • Perperation: Sampling, dispensing, sub-division, weighting
  • Manipulation: Mixing, Milling, Grinding, Micronizing, Sieving, Reactors
  • Final Process: Vacuum dryer ovens, Filter dryer oven, Tablet press enclosures, Pack off systems

These process isolators are designed with the full cooperation of clients to meet their exact needs. With a new isolator, Ravonarecommends using a full size mockup to test the ergonomically fitting aspects of the chamber.

Available Options

  • Full-size wooden mockup for ergonomically design
  • Epoxy coating (corrosive surroundings)
  • Oxygen free environment

Unlike traditional hazardous substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are designed to have an effect on the human body. Exposure to such API substances may result in short and long health hazard to working personnel.Ravona isolators combine and integrate an array of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolators working chamber, with full cooperation of other suppliers of equipment.

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