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DLOG series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

De Lama ethylene oxide sterilizers DLOG series are specifically designed to perform sterilization of temperature sensitive products. Thanks to their high operational flexibility, these sterilizers can be used both in Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical industries and even in a wide range of medical and laboratory applications.

De Lama autoclaves, DLOG series, work above atmospheric pressure and are designed to operate with a sterilant having a typical EtO concentration of 10% and 90% CO2. Chamber is available in horizontal execution.

  • In compliance with cGMP, GAMP, EN 556, EN 1422, EN 550, EMC 89/336/EC, 93/68/EC, 73/23/EC, PED 97/23/EC.
  • Wide range of chamber sizes and configurations
  • Heavy duty construction for industrial use
  • SCADA Windows OS control system, CFR 21-Part 11
  • Capacity from 640 Lits up to 50 m3
  • Designed for installation on floor or pit-mounted
  • Single or Double door, hinged or automatically sliding, eventually heated through circulation of hot water
  • Ventilator system,with revolution detector, to favour the best sterilant distribution inside the chamber
  • Sterilant pre-conditioning group for sterilant controlled evaporation from liquid to gas status
  • Steam generator for load humidification/conditioning
  • Group for ETO and water separation on exhaust line, inclusive of reduction & sterilization group for the gas conveyed to a combustor system
  • Air inlet filter with 0.22 micron cartridge
  • Gas inlet filter with 50 micron cartridge for sterilant injection
  • Entry connections for thermometry, vacuum test and sampling port to determine ETO Concentration
  • Gas Detector set up at Different locations to monitor and alarm any leak of ETO (at Request)
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