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DeBEE 2000 Pilot Plant Homogenizer

The DeBEE 2000 is the smallest unit available that offers ALL process configurations that is available with BEEI’s versatile technology, including:

  • Dual Feed
  • Dual Jet
  • Automatic CIP

The DeBEE 2000 homogenizers are designed to facilitate process development, as well as verify scale-up to specific process and production requirements. Features include:

  • BEE's core technology homogenizing cell for unmatched results in fewer passes
  • Easy to clean; Clean in Place
  • Variable operating pressure from 5,000-45,000 psi
  • Modular design for lower cost replacement parts
  • PLC control and monitoring for simple push-button operation
  • Constant process pressure for tighter product distribution
  • Process configurations enable
  • Control of cavitation, shear and impact
  • Secondary feed of additives, suitable for particle synthesis
  • Opposing dual jets for maximum impact
  • Efficient in-line process
  • Adjustable back pressure
  • Heat exchanger for product cooling
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Numerous pre and post processing options and accessories
  • Guaranteed scale-up from R&D to manufacturing
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