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Automatic Loading & Unloading Systems

Lyophilizer Loading Equipment features consistent loading with the same number of vials per tray, and non-stop loading, even when replacing a full tray. Automatic containment ring lowering systems for freeze drying applications and camera inspection to ensure same cap color/format and vial configuration options are available.

Fully automatic loading and unloading of vials onto a freeze dryer shelf within an isolator or RABS

Vial Range: 2-100ml

Output: Up to 400 vials per minute

  • Can be installed as part of a new freeze dryer installation and as retrofit with almost all existing freeze dryers
  • Can serve single or multiple freeze dryers on either side of the cleanroom
  • Even freeze dryers with different loading height can be loaded and unloaded by the same system
  • Choice of systems (the choice is governed by the line layout)
    • Infeed Station + fixed AGV* + Outfeed Station
    • Infeed Station + rotating AGV + Outfeed Station
    • Infeed/Outfeed Station + fixed AGV
    • Infeed/Outfeed Station + rotating AGV
  • Each system can be equipped with:
    • Laminar Air Flow units (LAF)
    • Open Restricted Access Barrier System (o-RABS)
    • Closed Restricted Access Barrier System (c-RABS)
    • Isolator
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