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TP-4 Tunnel Loader

  • A low-cost interface between the vial washer and the sterilizing tunnel
  • Vial Range 2-500ml
  • Output up to 400 vials per minute
  • No change parts required during change over
  • TP-4 row-by-row tunnel loader is designed for tunnels with belts
  • Row-by-row loading is the preferred method of loading larger sterilizing tunnels
  • Suitable for sterilizing tunnels with a belt width over 600mm
  • Tunnel belt movement can be synchronized with the TP-4 movement at vial format level
  • Optimum tunnel loading pattern without gaps in the vial pack, which contributes to an even heat distribution in the sterilizing chamber of the tunnel
  • PLC-controlled so that the loading speed and travel distance are automatically set per vial format
  • The vials are loaded in a nested pattern with the use of a servo motor
  • Eliminates the “reverse tunnel” infeed method
  • Virtually no glass-to-glass friction compared to the “reverse funnel” loading method
  • Will clear the dead plate at the end of the batch
  • Can be used with every “single-file-outfeed” vial washer
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