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Toxicology Screening System

Developed in conjunction with front-line researchers in the toxicology field, the method analyzes several classes of substances. LC/MS MRM optimization has been performed for common drugs of abuse, hypnotics, psychotropics, pharmaceuticals and other natural toxins. Shimadzu’s Ultra-Fast MS technology enables triggered product ion scans, which provide MS/MS data during MRM acquisition.

By incorporating established calibration curves, this screening system provides laboratories the ability to perform semi-quantitative analysis without purchasing dozens of costly standards. Also included is an optimized sample preparation protocol for toxicology screening based on QuEChERS*. From sample preparation to reporting, a total solution for toxicology screening is provided.

Compound Panel

Registered substances include 161 compounds of illicit drugs, Hypnotics, psychotropics, pharmaceuticals and others that are often analyzed in the forensic medicine field.

* QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) was developed by Anastassiades et al in 2003 as a sample preparation method for residual pesticide analysis in agricultural products. Request for More information
Toxicology Screening System