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Purge & Trap /Pyrolysis System

Purge and trap analysis system ( volatile organic compounds in water)

This system analyzes volatile organic compounds in water. Water samples are purged with purge gas to drive out VOCs or odors. The components driven out are temporarily trapped in adsorbent, desorbed by heating, and transfered to GC/MS.

GCMS-QP2020/QP2010 Series, Purge&Trap System

VOCs(volatile organic compounds) in water Odors in water

Pyrolysis system ( Polymer materials )

This system thermally decomposes polymer materials, such as plastics, rubbers and resins, over 500C and analyzes the resulting pyrolysates with GC/MS. The fragments reflect the original structure of polymer compounds, and identification and sophisticated structural analysis of the polymers becomes possible from the fragments.

Representing GC & GCMS only for Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and North Eastern States

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