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Off-Flavour Analyzer

The Shimadzu Off-Flavour analyzer combines a database of the major odor-causing substances and associated sensory information (odor characteristics and threshold levels for sensing odors) with a GC/MS. The system features the following aspects:

Database of Expert Information for Odor Analysis

  • All-odor causing substances identified from previous problems are registered
  • Accurate identification and easy quantitation are possible even without standard samples
  • Substances causing odors can be identified based on odor characteristics and odor threshold values

Analytical System for Reliably Identifying Odor-Causing Substances

  • Three different types of columns can be selected for detecting a wide variety of components
  • with high sensitivity
  • MRM and SIM analysis can detect odor threshold concentration levels
  • Odors can be confirmed efficiently using the predicted

Application Solution-based System

  • An optimal system, including pre-treatment unit can be configured.
Representing GC & GCMS only for Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and North Eastern States Request for More information