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Method Package for Residual Pesticides

This method package offered by Shimadzu is pre-registered with analysis conditions including pre-optimized MRM transitions , separation parameters, and compound information of target components for 167 residual pesticides for which residual standards and LC/MS analytical methods have been set in the positive list system. Analysis can be started without performing difficult or time-consuming tasks required in LC/MS/MS analysis, such as evaluating the separation conditions and optimizing the MS parameters for each compound, to allow batch analysis of multiple components.

Used in combination with the LabSolutions CS quantitation browser, multi-component analysis is made easy. The quantitation browser holds a series of data files in PC memory and displays calibration curves and compound results immediately. Users can review numerous analytes in different files and all quantitation changes are updated concurrently in real time.

Method Package for Residual Pesticides
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