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Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling

Provides Simultaneous Analysis Conditions for 95 Components

The method using LCMS-8050 targets culture medium components and metabolites secreted by cells. This culture medium analysis platform enables the simultaneous analysis of up to 95 components, the highest number of target analysis components* that can be analyzed by such a platform. Such features make it possible to acquire detailed data concerning cell culture profiles based on the targeted analytegroups such as Sugars, Nucleic acid associated compounds, Amino acid derivatives, Vitamins, Antibiotics and a few chemicals.

By providing conditions for efficient and simultaneous multi-component, this method package enables simultaneous analysis in 17 minutes. Pre-set analysis conditions fully utilize the capabilities of LC-MS/MS for analyzing trace components.

Shimadzu Method Packages deliver conditions for efficient and simultaneous multi-component analysis. They enable the user to quickly and easily implement complex methods without costly and laborious method development by providing sample preparation protocols, LC separation conditions, and MS acquisition parameters.

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Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling