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LCMS-8060NX Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer

LCMS-8060NX is the 6th generation TQMS, which has been developed based on the proven Shimadzu UFMS platform. LCMS-8060NX boasts of 2 key developments

  • Improved Sensitivity & Robustness.
  • Improved User Experience with Analytical Intelligence (AI).

Culmination of Shimadzu's Expertise in Triple Quad MS, IonFocus™ Technology

A newly-developed ESI probe with focus electrodes introduces ions into the mass spectrometer more efficiently, while expelling contaminants to reduce noise and provide more stable data. In addition, an improved heat-assist design promotes the ionization of a wide range of compounds. (Patented technology) and dramatically improves the desolvation efficiency enhancing the sensitivity for challenging molecules such as steroid hormones.

Result in a markedly higher Sensitivity and greater Robustness.

IonFocus Technology in LCMS-8060NX

Robustness & Ease of Use

The ion-transport electrodes reduce sensitivity loss from matrix effects by expelling the neutral matrix particles with greater efficiency. World-class polarity reversal speed (5 ms) and data capture speed (1.5 ms) enable stable data acquisition even for high-speed analysis of multiple components. The IonFocus unit also introduces ions into the detector more efficiently, improving the signal intensity. Of the 100 compounds tested, 96% showed excellent recoveries.

Intelligent Automation Improves Workflow Efficiency

The new LCMS-8060NX not only shows improved performance but it offers an entirely new user experience with complete workflow solutions that will improve the productivity of your lab and assure user satisfaction.

The LCMS-8060NX uses new default parameters optimized for a wide range of compounds based on research with AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes, enabling excellent results without the need for labor-intensive investigation of analysis conditions. Simply set the sample in place and enter the sample information, and MRM and interface parameter optimization will be carried out automatically. The optimization results are shown graphically, reducing the time and effort needed for evaluation.

LC-MS/MS Method Packages & MRM Libraries

Several method packages are available for quick method startup. Analysis can begin right away without MRM optimization or tedious method development.

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