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LCMS-8030 Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu LCMS-8030 features an ultra-fast pulse counting detection system, an innovative high-speed UFsweeper™ collision cell, and a novel RF power supply that can switch polarity in only 15ms and achieve complete stability in microseconds. The UFsweeper™ technology efficiently accelerates ions out of the collision cell, dramatically minimizing cross talk and shortening MRM analysis to the shortest times possible. These innovations allow this tandem quadrupole mass analyzer to provide the fastest measurements possible, a scan speed of up to 15,000 u/sec without any compromise of resolution, sensitivity or mass range. With reproducible MRM results with just one millisecond dwell times, the LCMS-8030 can perform up to 500 different MRM measurements per second, resulting in highest sensitivity and reproducibility.

The LCMS-8030 maximizes the world-class performance of Nexera and provides unique solutions to the growing high-speed and trace-level analysis markets. Chemically resistant ion optics provide consistent performance between maintenance intervals. The unique Qarray® effectively focusses ions over a wide m/z range by overlapping multiple electric fields. Shimadzu’s proven engineering enables rapid transfer of wide m/z range of ions from the Qarray® to the octopole region, enabling UltraFast MRMs and product ion scans. The LCMS 8030 besides supporting established ionization source ESI, facilitates other important ionization techniques such as APCI , and the DUIS needed for unique applications. Easy maintenance of the desolvation line without breaking vacuum minimizes instruments downtime.

  • Speed Beyond Comparison
  • UltraFast Scan Speed of 15000u/sec
  • 500 MRMs per second, The most ever possible
  • UFSweeper Technology dramatically minimizes cross talk
  • Single Vendor solution with LC-Nexera Platform

The combined excellence of Nexera and LCMS 8030 has brought together the latest hardware on a single platform for the next generation UltraFast technology providing unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis, increased productivity and accelerated workflows for high-throughput data analysis.

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