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Erexim Application Suite for LCMS-8060/8050

Software Platform for Glycan Quantification and Qualification By LCMS-8060/8050

The Erexim™ is a proprietary technology (patent pending in Japan and patented in the United States and South Korea) co-developed by Shimadzu fundamental technologies laboratories and RIKEN. The technology helps to understand the site-specific glycan heterogeneity by providing customizable ready-to-use methods and automated data analysis.

When analyzing glycans or glycan-containing molecules by MS/MS, the product ions generated by fragmentation include a high abundance of glycan-derived low m/z ions called the oxonium ions. Although the species and relative abundance of oxonium ions reflect the glycan structure of origin, conventional MS/MS provides insufficient features to differentiate between glycan structures. Energy-resolved oxonium ion monitoring, abbreviated as Ereximâ„¢, adds another dimension to MS/MS data by acquiring data at a series of collision energies (CE) of fragmentation. A plot of the change in oxonium ion abundances with respect to CE, the Erexim™ profile, now contains the resolving power to differentiate between similar glycan structures.

Erexim™ requires triple quadrupole mass spectrometry for its ultrafast scan speed to acquire a multitude of data points and for its quantitative ability to acquire reproducible profiles. Moreover, one of the product ions targeted in Ereximâ„¢ is specific to the N-glycan core structure and is an ideal reporter ion for relative quantitation of glycan structures.

  • Supports all glycan structures with a customizable database
  • MRM method file generated with minimal user input
  • Visualization of quantitative and qualitative results

The database of Erexim™ Application Suite contains 45 entries of N-glycan structures. Each entry contains monosaccharide composition, linkage information, amino acid sequence (if glycopeptide) and the reference Erexim™ profile. Entries may be added by customers to keep updated with research progress.

Erexim™ simplifies Glycan heterogeneity analysis adding a new dimension to biopharmaceutical research.

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Erexim Application Suite for LCMS-8060/8050