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AXIMA Performance MALDI TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer

The AXIMA Performance™ is one of the most powerful tools in mass spectrometry, delivering information-rich spectra with greater sensitivity and higher confidence in identification. It is an extremely versatile and powerful TOF-TOF system, integrating workflows for a diverse range of analytical needs.

  • From high energy MS/MS of proteomics and other biological and organic samples to uncompromised analysis of high mass intact proteins
  • True high energy MS/MS - CID with a laboratory frame collision energy of 20keV
  • Optimal precursor ion selection resolution using revolutionary gating technology
  • Outstanding sensitivity - uncompromised design, to ensure no MS/MS signal is discarded
  • Low sample consumption – allowing many more MS/MS experiments to be performed on the same sample spot
  • Fully enabled for proteomics experiments- Intellimarque™ software suite for automated data dependedent peptide mass fingerprinting and MS/MS of peptides with optional incorporated Mascot® database searching
  • LC-MALDI software allows confident identification of off-line separated complex mixtures via automated MS/MS
  • Near-axis laser irradiation with a 50Hz variable repetition rate N2 laser
  • Uncompromised linear mode performance for high mass analysis
  • Patented improved curved field reflectron
  • Mass range 1-500kDa in linear mode; 1-80kDa in reflectron mode
  • Mass resolution 5000 FWHM (ACTH 18-39) in linear mode; 20000 FWHM (ACTH 7-38) in reflectron mode
  • Sensitivity 250 amol (Glu-fibrinopeptide) in reflectron mode
  • Mass accuracy <5ppm in reflectron mode
  • Precursor ion resolution >400 FWHM
  • High energy MS/MS using helium collision gas
  • Flexible target formats - ranging from 48 well microscope slide format targets to 384 well microtitre plate targets

Advanced MS/MS Performance

The monoPULSE™ high performance, revolutionary ion gate provides outstanding MS/MS precursor ion selection resolution. High energy collision, together with the new design Curved Field Reflectron produce well balanced, information rich MS/MS data. The AximaPerformance™ demonstrates high resolution and mass accuracy across a wide mass range, from pharmaceutical compounds through peptides to high mass proteins, to enable a variety of applications in research environment.

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