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SEDEX FP for chromatographic purifications

The SEDEX MODEL FP combines simplicity, reliability and robustness. SEDEX FP occupies only 10 linear inches of bench space. It offers cost effective solution in LC-ELSD for purification by HPLC, SFC, and Flash chromatography.

SEDEX FP is mounted with an external splitter to detect and monitor fraction collection. Full SOP protocols are provided for GLP compliance and validation procedures.


  • Optimizes sensitivity of thermally labile and semi-volatile compounds.
  • Low temperature evaporation of mobile phase.
  • The nebulizer has a flow rate range from 100┬ÁL/min to 5mL/min.
  • With SAGA (SEDEX Automated Gain Adjustment), an innovative gain control available when it is driver-controlled by software, SEDEX LC automatically adapts the gain setting to avoid any off-scale saturation of the detector.
  • An optimized Liquid Flow Path to avoid any clogging or contamination.
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