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ROXY Systems for Redox Reactions and Mass Spectrometry


The ROXY™ EC is the ideal introduction system for Electrospray Ionization (ESI)-MS for single compound conversion. For known compounds (e.g., drug candidates, pollutants, pesticides, etc) a quick profiling and/or reconfirmation of potential metabolites is often sufficient for decision making. Therefore, target compounds can be directly infused through the electrochemical ReactorCellâ„¢ into the MS, often without the need of any liquid chromatographic separation (HPLC), making EC/MS a very powerful tool for fast metabolic profiling and related applications.

  • Single compound conversion (oxidation/reduction)
  • Direct on-line EC/MS, without chromatography (LC)
  • All parts supplied for immediate installation and use
  • Huge time and cost savings

ROXY EC/MS is a power tool for

  • Signal Enhancement in MS: by oxidizing the compound(s)
  • Protein Chemistry: easy reduction of disulfide bonds, superior H/D exchange etc.
  • Mimicking Drug & Xenobiotic Metabolism: e.g fast and simple simulation of Cytochrome P450 metabolism
  • Fast metabolite profiling Phase 1 and 2 metabolism
  • Superior Pharmaceutical Stability Testing, Purposeful degradation, excipients stability etc.
  • Forensic Toxicology: fast simulation and prediction of the metabolism and/or biotransformation of designer drugs, illicit drugs., etc
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