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QuEChERS Sample Prep Solutions

Interchim has introduced its revolutionary QuEChERS extraction kits that enable chemists working on various trace analyses such as pesticide residue analysis in different matrices , acrylamide analysis in foods, etc. Kits are offered in compliance to standard methods such as EN15662, AOAC 2007.01 etc. Bulk purification tube kits are designed with 15ml or 2ml tubes depending on the composition of the sorbents mix. All Interchim®QuEChERS kits are made from ultra-pure sorbents,high purity grade PP tubes and manufactured in-house under highly controlled rigorous processes. Each product batch is subjected to tight quality control checks and is delivered with a QA/QC certificate.

Interchim kits are simple,fast and efficient with only two implementation steps allowing the determination of more than 200 pesticide residues from a variety of matrices with high recoveries. Key elements of the kits are given below:

  • Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4): eliminates H2O traces and enhances the homogenization of the sample which allows a better treatment of the organic extract.
  • Primary Secondary Amine (PSA) bonded silica : eliminates acidic compounds, polar pigments, sugars and fatty acids
  • Octadecyl (C18) bonded silica;eliminates lipids, sterols,…
  • Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB) : eliminates carotenoids, pigments such as chlorophyll, planar molecules…

Interchim have also developed QuEChERS Dual Phase columns (Carbon/PSA) for clean-up of pigmented extracts. The carbon layer removes pigment while the Primary Secondary Amine (PSA) layer extracts fatty acids. Interchim®Carbon + QuEChERS columns have been developed to remove polar impurities and pigments without loss of pesticides.

  • Accurate, Repeatable Analysis
  • Comply with EN15662, AOAC 2007.01
  • Bulk Purification Kits for large volumes
  • Stringent QA/QC systems to ensure batch to batch reproducibility
  • High Recoveries for more than 200 Pesticides
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