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puriFlash XS420 Series

puriFlash® - Interchim's flagship flash purification brand XS 420 combines the smallest footprint currently on the market, 'outside the fume hood' operation, with build qualities and pump efficiencies associated with high end HPLC systems and Interchim's larger preparative puriFlash® systems. All puriFlash pump technologies guarantee unparalleled market accuracy, repeatability and linearity across the range. puriFlash® XS 420 maintains these standards up to 300ml/min and 20 bar. The iQuat gradient HPLC pump provides a quaternary gradient plus a dedicated purge line (A+B+C+D, i). The multi-wavelength UV-DAD (diode array detection) includes a real-time full spectra scanning to confirm purity. A ten-second isopropanol purge prepares the flow path for either normal or reversed phase.

The system is suitable for flash columns from F0001 up to F0330 format and Prep LC columns. Accelerated throughput with Interchim’s dedicated high performance 15µm silica flash columns are easily achieved. The 15” touch screen provides an incomparable working comfort and will maximized the benefits the user-friendly software. Additional features will help users to transfer their CCM or HPLC methods to Gradient purification. Interchim® Software provides one customizable screen to manage the whole process; to create methods, launch purifications & control during the purification upto the report. Easy control & monitoring of the purification from tablets, smart phones or PC further raises productivity and flexibility.

  • Compact Foot Print
  • 300ml/min@upto 20 bar
  • 100% Uptime for Routine Purification & 100% Confidence
  • >95% Recovery, 4g-800g Flash Columns
  • 10 Second switch, Normal to Reverse Phase
  • 15 Inch HD Touch Screen Controller
  • Supports wide applications
    • Organic Synthesis
    • Impurities Identification
    • Natural Products
    • Peptides, Oligo-Nucleotides
    • Bio-drugs
    • Metabolite Isolation
    • Traces Enrichment
  • Multiple Detection Capabilities
    • ELSD, MS, UV, RI
  • High Performance, High Quality & High Capacity Columns
    • HP,HQ,HC- Always a puriFlas® column that fits every need
  • Mass Triggered Fraction Collection and purification from normal & reversed phases
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