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Prominence Modular HPLC

Prominence is the first network-ready HPLC system that meets the demands of today’s advanced users. Prominence features the world's first Web control, fastest sample injection, and highest detection sensitivity performance… functions that surpass current HPLC technology. Modular components of the Prominence interact with the precision of an integrated system and , unlike specialized systems, Prominence offers the flexibility to perform many analytical tasks with one piece of high-performance equipment - QA/QC, Mass Spec Front end, multi-dimensional chromatography, on-line sample clean up, analytical method development etc .

The Prominence supports multiple LC-20AD binary pumps allowing an automated pretreatment system with column switching to use gradient elution in both sample pretreatment and analysis. The SIL-20A/C autosamplers use a high-resolution metering pump and total injection volume method for no sample loss injection. A specially treated outer needle surface and improvement of needle seal composition greatly reduce sample adsorption, which helps in achieving high sensitivities in LC-MS/MS. The SPD-20A UV-VIS detectors achieve the highest level of detection sensitivity 0.5x10-5 AU and linearity 2.5AU by electronic noise elimination and a temperature-controlled flow cell. The SPD-M20A Photo-diode array detector offers a sensitivity level that , at 0.6 x 10-5 AU, is comparable to that of UV detectors.


  • High speed injection for large number of samples
  • Full automation
  • Self-diagnostics (Expert Function)
  • Validation
  • System control using a web browser


  • High sensitivity and linearity
  • Minimized sample carryover
  • Analysis stability
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