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Nexera X2 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

The Nexera X2, the most advanced UHPLC achieves a true fusion between UHPLC and HPLC technologies. The system not only offers maximum speed, sensitivity, resolution, stability and reliability, it also features a revolutionary i-PDeA* separation technology and the i-DRec** function that extends the dynamic range so that both concentrated and trace compounds can be quantitated simultaneously. With a pressure range up to 130 MPa, high-speed injection, overlapping injection and highly-efficient gradient mixing, Nexera takes Ultra-High and Ultra-High Resolution analysis to greater levels. Nexera X2 Series supports a wide range of flexible modular configurations that allows users to choose an optimal system according to their analytical needs.

Nexera SR

Features superior sensitivity, resolution and stability.i-PDeA* (Patent pending) offers new separation technology.

Nexera UHPLC/HPLC System

Enables switching from UHPLC to HPLC in a single system using a selection of mixers and columns.

Nexera Quaternary

This system enables four-solvent gradient analysis, making it especially easy to migrate methods from general-purpose HPLC columns.

Nexera Method Scouting

Offers comprehensive method development using up to 96 combinations of mobile phases and columns.

Nexera XR

Enables more customers to make use of high-speed, high-resolution systems.

*intelligent Peak DeconvolutionAnalysis(patent pending)
** Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator (patent pending)

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