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Nexera MX Ultra-High Speed LCMS System for Multiplex Analysis

The Nexera MX ultra-fast multianalyte LCMS system offers up to double the sample processing capability of conventional liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LCMS) systems. The Nexera MX features two analytical flow lines in a single LCMS system. This setup maximizes operating efficiency by alternating between the two lines for injecting samples.

The Nexera MX Dual Stream Technology (MX-DST) incorporates a special flow line structure and instrument control system that performs overlap control of sample injection by using two analysis systems (streams) alternately. While one line is busy equilibrating analytical column and preparing to inject next sample , the other line is used to perform LCMS analysis. Thanks to the revolutionary design of of the high-speed SIL-30ACMPautosampler, the system achieves maximizes the efficiency of LCMS data acquisition.

  • Innovation in Multiplex Analysis
  • Double sample throughput with the same method
  • More-efficient,error-free analysis
  • Quick & Efficient data processing using LabSolutions Insight
  • High-sensitivity, high-speed LCMS-8060 best matches Nexera MX
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