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Nexera MP Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

The Nexera MP Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph from Shimadzu addresses the many challenges encountered in high-throughput analysis carried out in areas such as pharmacokinetics and drug manufacturing where large number of samples have to be analysed with high degree of precision and accuracy. Through the addition of the large capacity of autosamplers which also work with the finest precision and enable high speed injection, the Nexera MP has proven to the best Front-End for LC/MS/MS analysis.

  • A new concept in High Speed LC/MS/MS analysis
  • Improved throughput in multi-sample processing
    • Accomodates6 microtiter plates (96/384MTP, DWP) or plates for 1.5 mL vials. With 96-well plates, up to 576 samples can be loaded, and with 384-well plates, up to 2304 samples can be analyzed
  • High Speed Injection significantly improves throughput in multi-sample processing
  • Ultra Low Carry over
  • Outstanding Injection Mechanism assuring precision even with small volumes
  • Proven Nexera UHPLC-with pressure range upto 130MPa
  • Open-access design
  • The Best Front End that is compatible with even Other-Vendor MS
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