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MD-GC, Multi-Dimensional GC

Shimadzu Multi-Dimensional GC (MDGC) are ideal for complete separation and quantitation of specific compounds in difficult matrices such as petroleum products and flavors/fragrances. The system uses columns with different separation characteristics to achieve highly accurate separation of target compounds.

The multi-dimensional GC/GCMS system uses two columns with different separation characteristics to achieve high-resolution analysis not possible with a conventional single column. Components insufficiently separated as they pass through the first column (1st column) are introduced ("heart-cut") into a second column of a different type (2nd column) to separate their analytes.

MDGC Applications

  • Analysis of Specific components in samples containing several matrices – Petroleum products, (e.g. gasoline, light oil and kerosene), aromas (e.g foods and beverages) and optical isomers
  • Analysis of Fine Chemical Products and Impurities in Raw Materials, Minute Peaks hidden by major components
  • Analysis of harmful components in Environmental Samples
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