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Inert LC System

Featuring the same high reliability, robustness, and expandability as the Prominence series, this system is ideal for the analysis of biopolymers such as antibody drugs. The Prominence inert LC system employs non-metallic materials such as PEEK resin in the liquid contact parts for the mobile phase and sample solution. It not only enables high concentration salts and acids to be used in the mobile phase, but it also suppresses the adsorption of samples with high affinity to metals.

The newly designed LC-20Ai solvent delivery unit offers highly reproducible analyses due to an extremely accurate liquid delivery capability. The Prominence inert LC system can be assembled easily using the LC-20Ai pump, SIL-20AC autosampler and SPD-20A/SPD-M20A detectors with the inert flow cell and dedicated tubing kits made of PEEK.

  • Peace of mind while separating biomolecules
  • Supports operations at low temperatures upto 4 Deg C for sensitive analytes
  • High Sensitivity Detection using the proven SPD-20A UV VIS detector
  • Industry‚Äôs best auto sampler offering the lowest carry-over specs
  • Highly suited for aggregate analysis in proteins, antibody drug analysis

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