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The GC-RAM has been developed to eliminate many problems associated with Gas-Phase counting such as low volatility, condensation between the GC and the radioactivity detector with loss of counts, loss of resolution, increased background and tube contamination etc.

Miniature Reactor

Central to the GC-RAM concept is a catalytic reactor closely positioned to the GC column inside the GC oven. 14C containing compounds within the GC eluent are converted to 14CO2 while 3H containing compounds are first converted to 1H3HO which is subsequently reduced to 1H3H gas. That way, there is almost no possibility of condensation or tar formation. Of course, a splitter is required prior to the catalyst chamber if an FID or other mass detector is in use.

High Sensitivity

Thorough attention to detail has resulted in the GC-RAM being capable of quantitating 2Bq of radioactivity at a level of 2.5 x background; lower still with an optional anticoincidence shield. The system can be used with capillary GC's or with packed columns or megabore; carrier gas flow rates can vary between 2 and 40 ml/min.

  • Bq of radioactivity can be quantified (1 Bq detected)
  • Provides oxidation of samples - detector design can also utilize reduction catalysts
  • Miniature reactor eliminates heated transfer lines
  • Easily exchanged counting tube is protected from contamination
  • Mass flow devices permit high precision flow measurement and leak detection
  • TTL pulse stream outputs feed an external "PEARL" interface unit connected to the RS232 and an MS Windows based PC running Laura software
  • Simultaneous acquisition of radio and mass detectors data
  • Wide range of analogue outputs for chart recorders and chromatography data systems
  • Peak tailing minimised by short tubing runs and accurate furnace control
  • Simple installation using Swagelok fittings
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