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Gamma RAM Radio HPLC Detector

The Gamma-RAM is an analytical flow-through gamma detector that provides two separate counting windows. The system is suitable in radio-synthesis laboratories for radiochemical purity measurements (RCP) as well as in research applications for analysis and development of new radiotracers. The Gamma-RAM employs a hermetically sealed crystal/photomultiplier assembly and is offered with two types of counting cells - a fixed volume cell, suitable for low energy emitters only consisting of a Teflon tubing coil with available sizes from 10µL to 200 µl and a separate fixed volume cell made of stainless steel chromatography tubing for unusually high activity levels.

  • Utilizes a NaI well type detector module designed to achieve 4-Pi counting geometry resulting in unsurpassed sensitivity.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Ideal for SPECT metabolite studies all the way upto prep-HPLC.
  • Flexible options - splitter, rad-waste valve, multiport injection valve and other accessories make the Gamma-RAM most suitable for PET/SPECT laboratory environments.

Laura Radiochromatography Data System with single point control for entire chromatography analysis. Laura features GLP and 21 CFR part 11 Compliance and has powerful document management system, reporting and analysis tools.

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Gamma RAM Radio HPLC Detector