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Eco-Friendly GC-2025

Shimadzu’s new-generation GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while retaining the performance capabilities required for capillary analysis. The GC-2025 incorporates a digital flow controller that controls both the carrier and detector gases and a newly designed energy-saving column oven that features small volume and less heating loss, realizing a dramatic improvement in operability.

The same high-accuracy AFC as used in the GC-2010 Plus and an advanced design split/splitless injection unit realize high repeatability of retention time and peak area. The Advanced Pressure Controller (APC) enables the detector gas flow rate to be set digitally and the Advanced Flow Controller (AFC) that can control upto 970 kPa makes high speed analysis using narrow bore columns possible with digital setting of the conditions. The FID minimum detectable limit of 2 pgC/s offers high sensitivity for trace analysis. Auto-ignition, auto-reignition and automatic shut off functions are equipped as standard in the FID design.

The compact GC-2025 is the gas chromatograph for environmentally friendly, high value performance.

  • GC for Ecology
  • High Performance
  • Space-saving Design
  • Enhanced basic functions & Network support
  • Simple Operation
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Eco-Friendly GC-2025

This product conforms to Shimadzu's Eco-labeled designation.

* Energy savings: 30% reduction as compared to the previous model

Featured Applications

Representing GC & GCMS only for Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and North Eastern States