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DynaPro® NanoStar® Dynamic Light Scattering Detector

The DynaPro® NanoStar® Dynamic Light Scattering(DLS) system is extensively used in the analysis of proteins, micelles, liposomes, quantum dots, nanoparticles and more. The system provides advanced capabilities both in the batch measurement modes as well as on-line operation when interfaced with the SEC-MALS (Size Exclusion Chromatography-Multi angle Light Scattering) systems. Specially designed quartz cuvettes afford robust, accurate measurements with as low as 1 µL of solution and the proprietory disposable cuvettes provide comparable sensitivity with as little as 4 µL.

Thanks to the temperature-stabilized Avalanche Photo Diode(APD) coupled to an advanced double density, multi-tau(DDMT) correlator, diffusion coefficients, size and size distributions are measured with a high degree of accuracy; The DDMT correlator incorporates 512 bins covering time scales of 100 nsec to 1 hour in order to address a huge span of particle sizes-ranging over hydrodynamic radii Rh of 0.18 nm-2500 nm. Through an additional ‘built-in’ Static Light Scattering (SLS) channel, the NanoStar measures absolute molar masses upto 10 mDa.The temperature control system in the NanoStar is unequalled in comparable dynamic light scattering detectors, providing rapid temperature ramps with an overall temperature range of -15℃ to +150℃.

Dynamics Software supports vast analysis options offering size, size distributions using the methods of cumulants or regularization. Extensive reporting parameters such as average radius, diameter, diffusion coefficient, polydispersity, or polydispersityindex(PDI).

  • More than just another DLS instrument
  • Accurate measurements with as little as 1µL solution
  • Online simultaneous measurements with SEC-MALS
  • Built-in independent Static Light Scattering Platform for molar masses
  • Wide Temperature Range: -15℃ to +150℃
  • Wide Range of Cuvettes- 1-45 µL Quartz Cuvettes, 4 µL Proprietory Disposable Cuvettes
  • Industry-Leading Dynamics Software for extensive data analysis
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