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Shim-pack Solar HPLC Columns

Good hydrophobic retention, low absorption of ionic compounds

Shim-pack Solar C18 and C8 columns are packed with high purity silica gel with a high degree of inertness. The silica gel has higher surface area and fully end-capped with good hydrophobic retention, low absorption of ionic compounds and good peak shapes. Highly uniform particles ensure stable mobile phase delivery and low pressure. The Shim-pack Solar LC columns have a wide pH range of 2 to 9 and are highly suited for a diverse range of compounds .

Shim-pack Solar LC Columns
Solar C18 Solar C8
Bonded Phase Octadecyl Groups Octyl Groups
Analysis Mode Reversed Phase Reversed Phase
Particle Size (┬Ám) 5 5
Max. Operating Pressure 20MPa 20MPa
Carbon Loading 15% 9%
Pore Size 1.0 ml/g 1.0ml/g
End Cap Yes Yes
pH Range 2-9 2-9
USP Code L1 L7
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