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VersaMax ELISA Microplate Reader

 The VersaMax™ Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices bridges the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility of monochromator-based systems, supporting measurements in 96-well format.

Tunable, filterless flexibility, Exceptional Performance

The VersaMax reader uses a grating monochromator to select the wavelength, so the exact wavelength needed can be selected for every assay. With a wavelength range from 340 to 850 nm, this is equivalent to having 510 free filters.   Using an advanced optical and electronic design, the VersaMax reader gives the same high performance with round-bottom, flat-bottom or half-area well plates. Dual wavelength readings report the actual absorbance at each wavelength so data can be analyzed according to the user’s preferences. Temperature control up to 45°C allows kinetic assays at ambient and physiological temperatures.

Wide range of applications

The VersaMax reader covers a wide range of applications:

  • Microbial Growth/MIC
  • IC50/LD50
  • Endpoint ELISAs/EIA
  • Cytoproliferation/Cytotoxicity
  • Colorimetric Protein
  • Kinetic ELISAs/Enzyme Assays
  • Bacterial Identification 

Validation made easy

The SpectraTest® Validation Package tests optical performance using NIST-traceable standards. Testing can be done in the user’s lab on their own schedule. Software validation, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools and IQ/OQ/ PQ tools are also available.

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