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StakMax Microplate Handling System

The StakMax® Microplate Handling System is a compact benchtopmicroplate stacker that works with Molecular Devices SpectraMax® Microplate Readers and Microplate Washers to give walk-away automation for up to 50 microplates. With just one operating interface — SoftMax® Pro Software the whole workflow can be set up and run with ease.

Unified Stacker Platform

  • The StakMax System can be integrated with Molecular Devices microplate readers and AquaMax Washers for improved process flow and higher throughput
  • All integration tools provided for ease of setup of each configuration
  • Uniform stacker magazines for use across all integrations maximizing your throughput

Easy to Program and Operate

  • Operation with the SpectraMax line of microplate readers is facilitated within SoftMax Pro Software for a common interface
  • Microplate reader protocols that were previously written can be automated without any changes to the setup parameters, data analysis, or graphing
  • A barcode reader can be added to enable barcode identification of plates when integrated with SpectraMax line of microplate readers
  • AquaMax Washer users access all commands through the AquaMax Washer programming touch screen

Fast, Bi-Directional Stacker for Increased Flexibility

  • The StakMax System is designed to minimize plate movement time, while handling the microplates gently, eliminating liquid spillage
  • When integrated with the AquaMax Washer, a batch of 20 ELISA microplates can be processed in as little as 13 minutes to maximize throughput
  • User can choose to restack plates back to the input stack when batch is completed, for further processing
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