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Stainless Steel Pilot Plant Bioreactor Systems

The Applikon Pilot system bioreactor range is divided in a microbial range and in a cell culture range of volumes. The microbial Sterilizable-In-Place bioreactor systems come in a total volume of 20 liter, 40 liter, 70 liter and 140 liter. The cell culture Sterilizable-In-Place bioreactor systems come in a total volume of 30 liter, 60 liter and 130 liter. The main difference between these two lines is the aspect ratio of the bioreactors. The microbial system have an aspect ratio of 3.0 at total volume while the cell culture systems have an aspect ratio of 1.5 at total volume. Applications are pilot plant and small scale production for both mammalian cells and micro-organisms. The pilot range is the first step in the scale-up to production level and these systems have the same functionality as the full production scale. This minimizes risks in process transfer to the final production volume. All systems are fully documented for cGMP usage and are supplied with an extensive documentation package to support validation.


A wide range of standard and extensively tested modules is available to customize the systems to the specific demands of the customer. The modularity extends to the control systems that can be supplied with the systems. A wide range of add-on packs are available. These standard packs include pressure control, weight control, double gas inlet lines, CIP modules, biomass sensors, perfusion systems and many more.


Applikon offers a choice of ez-Control and i-Control process control systems. The i-Control can be supplied with an Allen Bradley or with a Siemens PLC. Both systems offer automated Sterilization procedures. The i-Control software is just as customizable as the pilot system hardware. The basic software is capable of completely automatic control of the most complex bioreactor system. The i-Control is customized by disabling the un-used features for the specific application. This means that when process demands changes, the controller can easily be adapted to these new demands but enabling the extra functionality. The BioXpert software is used for data collection, data visualization and advanced supervisory control actions.

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Stainless Steel Pilot Plant Bioreactor Systems