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SpectraMax L Microplate Reader

The State-of-the-art SpectraMax® L MicroplateLuminometer helps in measurement of flash and glow assays, including dual luciferase reporter gene, G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)viaaequorin,bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) and acridinium ester flash assays, in both 96- and 384-well plates. The SpectraMax L Reader can give up to a six-fold increase in throughput with multi-channel configuration upgrade options. SoftMax Pro GxP Software and its software validation package gives comprehensive documentation and extensive data sets in CD-ROM format so you'll be able to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliance requirements. Additional validation packages include:SpectraTestABS1, FL1, and LM1 Validation Plates for hardware validation of absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence modes.

Upgradable options include: Higher sample throughput enabled by multiple detector configurations, dual luciferase reporter gene assays with dual injector system, very fast flash assays like acridinium esters, BRET assays with user-installed filters for separating wavelength peaks, Seamless automation coupling with the StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker etc.


  • Measure to assay lower limits with high sensitivity luminescence detection down to 0.2 fg firefly luciferase (glow) or 20 amol ATP (flash)
  • Read both 96- and 384-well plates with the lowest crosstalk for better signal discrimination with manual or automatic optical aperture switching
  • Capture the full range of an assay by extending the measurable dynamic range to 9 orders of magnitude with simultaneous photon counting and analog detection

A Complete System

  • Monitor and control temperature-sensitive reactions with consistent temperature regulation from ambient to 45°C
  • Thoroughly mix samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature with 4 proprietary mixing modes
  • Save on injector maintenance with advanced peristaltic injectors that require less maintenance than traditional syringe injection systems and include an auto-rinse at shutdown
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