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SoftMax Pro 7 Software

SoftMax ProGxP Compliance Software extends Molecular Devices leading data acquisition and analysis solution for 20+ Molecular Devices microplate readers, into regulated laboratories working under GMP, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other similar guidelines for secure electronic records. It is the most published microplate reader control and microplate data analysis software package available to scientists.

SoftMax Pro offers a variety of options to initiate the measurements followed by data analysis. A number of user-friendly features for data acquisition have been built into the software:

  • Pause and resume kinetic reads to run discountinuous kinetic assays that last hours, days or even weeks
  • Set up custom multi task kinetic assays using the drag-and-drop workflow editor
  • Use over 160 pre-written protocols with pre-configured assay parameters
  • Acquire the best data for your assay using several read options including endpoint, kinetic, spectral scan and well scan
  • Acquire the best signal window for fluorescence-based assays with the fluorescence spectral optimization wizard
  • Patented PathCheck® technology to avoid inconsistent readings from fluctuations in pipetting
  • Automatic data recovery to prevent loss

A full range of analysis capabilities offered by SoftMax Pro include: 21 different curve fit options to fit and graph data, easy automation of calculations such as relative potency, EC50, and Z factors, cloning plate data for multiple data reduction options, capability to perform custom, mathematical calculations etc.

Acquisition and image-based data analysis may be done with the full set of SoftMax Pro analysis tools such as – capture and analysis of images generated from the SpectraMax® MiniMax™ Imaging Cytometer, Count cells with StainFree Technology, recognition of cell types with supervised machine learning, acquisition and analysis of western blot images generated from the ScanLater Western Blot Detection Cartridge.

Powerful Compliance Tools

Secure, traceable electronic recordkeeping

  • Controlled user access through a granular permission structure and unique logins
  • Electronic signature support for verification, authorization, and approval
  • Audit trails to document the history of user actions for each data file
  • Local and remote administration of user accounts for straightforward deployment

Save time and reduce cost

  • Extensive suite of tools available for validation can reduce the cost and time of validation as compared to using multiple platforms to collect and analyze data by 50%
  • Provides end-to-end chain of custody from capture through analysis to validation of data


  • SoftMax Pro 7 GxP is our 4th generation software with compliance tools
  • Satisfied customers include all 50 of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies
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