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Serial Filler Media Dispenser

The Serial Filler from Singer Instruments is a compact, easy-to-use automated media-dispenser that pours perfectly level, bubble-free Petri or SBS plates at consistent volumes. Equipped with a UV lamp and multiple HEPA cabinet and venting filters, the Serial Filler produces superior quality agar plates of consistent volume in a sterile enclosure, which greatly reduces any threat of contamination.

With the touch of a button on the signature user-friendly interface, the Serial Filler automatically dispensesbiological growth media onto Petri dishes and plates. The quick-change Media Dispensing Kits enable easyset-up between runs for labs that use multiple media formulations. The Serial Filler accepts standard Petri dishes: 60mm, 90mm, 150mm & 120mm-square. The Serial Filler also accepts any SBS-format rectangular plates.

Using advanced Graboid™ technology, the Serial Filler automatically recognises the type of plate with zero user-input. It pours perfectly level, bubble-free agar by adjusting the pouring speed and volume accordingto plate sizes and shapes. An audible signal alerts the user when the agar plates are ready. The anti-contamination design means plates are enclosed while lids are removed, with positive and filtered air pressure, as well as a built-in UV lamp.

  • Compact, easy-to-use automated media-dispenser
  • Pours Perfectly level,bubble-free Plates for pinning at densities of 1536 and above
  • Accepts a wide range of Petri Dishes and SBS plates
  • Advanced GraboidTM technology
  • More Consistent Agar volume
  • Pour 50 Plates in 6 minutes
  • Dispense media with high precision ( +/- 1%)
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Serial Filler Media Dispenser