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Unlock Your Next Great Discovery with HiFi Sequencing and the Sequel® IIe System.

Based on the proven performance of the award-winning Sequel II System, the Sequel IIe System delivers:

  • Direct access to the only highly accurate long reads: PacBio® HiFi reads.
  • Deeper biological insights, less data processing, and faster results thanks to the unmatched clarity of HiFi reads.
  • Reliable and affordable high-throughput sequencing for a broad range of applications

Explore the Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) Sequencing Advantages:

  • Long Reads: With reads tens of kilobases in length you can readily assemble complete genomes and sequence full-length transcripts.
  • High Accuracy: Sequencing free of systematic error achieves >99.999% consensus accuracy.
  • Uniform Coverage: No bias based on GC content means you can sequence through regions inaccessible to other technologies.
  • Single-Molecule Resolution: Capturing sequence data from native DNA or RNA molecules enables highly accurate long reads with >99.9% single molecule accuracy.
  • Epigenetics: With no PCR amplification step, base modifications are directly detected during sequencing.

SMRT Sequencing Applications

The Benefits of HiFi Reads

  • Long read lengths.
  • High read accuracy >99.9%.
  • Easy library preparation.
  • Low coverage requirements.
  • Small file sizes to minimize compute time.
  • A single technology solution for a range of applications.
  • Unmatched data clarity for rapid interpretation.

Our Solution

Based on our proven technology, PacBio Systems deliver exceptional results customers have come to expect.

Sequel® IIe System

  • Generates reliable high-throughput sequencing data.
  • Provides direct access to HiFi reads.
  • Reduces project time for faster results.
  • Makes sequencing more affordable.
  • Supports wide range of SMRT Sequencing applications.

SMRT Consumables

Our complete set of consumables offers the ability to customize sequencing for your project.

SMRT Software

Our analytical software tools support you at every step, from run design through analysis.

Flexible Workflows

Use our end-to-end solutions to rapidly move from DNA to discovery.

Generate a Library

  • Prepare templates in <3 hours with easy-to-use kits
  • Optional size selection for long inserts
  • Multiplex and barcode samples to increase throughput

Sequence on the Sequel IIe System

With a single SMRT Cell 8M you can run experiments that:

  • Produce reference-quality assemblies for genomes up to 2 Gb
  • Detect structural variants for up to 2 samples with ~3 Gb genomes
  • Characterize a whole transcriptome and identify alternative splicing
  • Generate reference-quality assemblies for up to 48 microbial isolates
  • Determine the composition of up to 96 microbiome samples

With 2 SMRT Cells 8M you can run experiments that:

  • Call single nucleotide, indel, and structural variants in a ~3 Gb genome
  • Phase a diploid assembly of a ~3 Gb genome

Enable Every User in the Lab with Our Analytical Portfolio

  • SMRT Analysis: Explore intuitive GUI and command-line options
  • PacBio DevNet: Discover community-developed tools
  • SMRT Compatible Analysis Partners: Utilize solutions and services offered by trusted partners
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