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Photo Bioreactors

The Applikon ‘’PhotoBio’’ photobioreactor range is based on the standard Applikon re-usable and single-use bioreactors. Special light panels are added to these systems to allow the growth of photosynthesizing organisms ( plant, algae, bacteria). The well-proven design of the bioreactors in combination with the state-of-the-art LED light panels guarantee the best performance of the PhotoBio for any application.


SSL (Solid state lamps) plant light has very unique characteristics which are useful for plant growth applications. An important characteristic is the spectral distribution of light in the wavelengths region of 450-500 NM and 630-700 NM, these bands are critical for normal plant growth as they fall within the Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700), which plants primarily use for biological processes and are also favorable for confined applications such as micro-propagation. Another useful characteristic is long useful life of about 50,000 hours and the high-energy conversion efficiency. This results in substantially cooler systems than other light sources. Systems also save energy by using less ventilation and cooling needs for growing plants in culture room. Secondly this provides new opportunities for enhancing growth of several hard to grow plants or plants that require a specific range of lightspectrum.

  • Long lifetime (50000 hrs) & good lumen maintenance
  • Low voltage operation having more than 90% efficiency with no EMI radiation.
  • Directional light output & Even distribution of light over the target application area
  • Great performance in cold environments
  • Environment friendly and Shock / vibration resistant
  • Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700), and Ideal for plant growth, to achieve better efficiency in the response of plants
  • Electrically isolated thermal path
  • Excellent wavelength stability over time ,consistent, high-reliability
  • Usable wavelength blue (470nm) and red (630nm) for plant growth
  • Fully regulated form 0 to 100% light intensities (0 to 10000 lux) in real time
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