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MaxCyte STX Scalable Transfection System

MaxCyte transfection technology is based on the general principles of electroporation, which involves the application of an electric field to cell suspensions, causing the cell membrane to become transiently permeable and encouraging external material to enter the cell. MaxCyte has leveraged this fundamental property of cells -- reversible permeability in the presence of electrical charge -- to develop a patented, high performance electroporation technology.

MaxCyte electroporation enables (co)transfection of a wide range of cells with DNA, RNA, proteins or cell lysates with transfection efficiencies and cell viabilities typically greater than 90%. The technology does not require specialized constructs, engineered cells, media additives or chemical reagents and is highly scalable able to transfect from 5E5 cells in seconds using small-scale, static electroporation to 2E11 cells in less than 30 minutes using flow electroporation.

The MaxCyte STX allows you to rapidly perform assay development, high throughput screening (HTS), high content screening (HCS), gram scale protein production, or an infinite number of other innovative applications. Explore the ways the MaxCyte STX can help open the doors to improving the quantity and quality of drug candidates and biologics.

  • Fully scalable, able to transfect 5E5 cells in seconds up to 1E10 cells in < 30 minutes
  • Compatible with cell lines, primary cells, & difficult-totransfect cell lines
  • Implement new expression systems and assays rapidly
  • Transfection to the Nth Power
  • Cell Viability >95% for commonly used cells & Transfection efficiencies >90%
  • Produce the right cells, at the right scale
  • Produce the right protein, in the right cells
  • Seamless Scalability-Robust Processing at Small and Large Scale
  • Wide applications: Cell-based Screening Assays, Protein Production, Cellular Engineering
  • Easy-to-use, benchtop instrument, Pre-loaded with a library of validated protocols
  • cGMP compliant, CE marked
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