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Lucullus Process Information Management System

Applikon’s Lucullus Process Information Management System(PIMS) software allows users to monitor and control bioprocesses and offers an extensive toolbox for analyzing process data across platforms. Process information can be generated based on data generated in different brands of bioreactor types and wide range of different cultivation volumes. The system , designed for research and process development applications can be used for small scale production as well.

Among the many proven applications are long term mammalian cell cultivations, large number of short term microbial cultures and many others. The Oracle database that is used to store the data guarantees save and fast storage and retrieval of valuable process data.

PIMS-A new dimension in data processing

The software includes functionality for Design of Experiments, Reactor Planning, Media Preparation and Tracking, Parallel Processing, SCADA, Data Mining and Batch Reporting. The combination of the software with the broad range of Applikon Bioreactor Systems offer the user a unique system for validatable fast track development and basic research.Lucullus PIMS has been designed to cover the various stages in the biofermention process through its distinctly elegant modules to provide for easy implementation and successful process management.

  • Planning, activities around the planning of recipes, reactor allocation and Design of Experiments
  • Preparation, media preparation, storage and component trace-ability
  • Execution, process execution and data presentation and storage
  • Evaluation, data analysis, presentation, automatic reporting, modelling and comparison of data between different cultures

The combination of the software with the broad range of Applikon Bioreactor Systems offer the user a unique system for fast track development and basic research. The Lucullus PIMS is available in three different architectures - Standalone edition which can be used up to 8 different bioreactors or one multi-bioreactor system on one computer, Client-Server edition , used for larger installations with different labs using the software, Enterprise edition, for even larger installations at different sites.

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