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ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High-Content Analysis System

The ImageXpress® Micro Widefield High Content Screening System is the ultimate combination of speed and flexibility to streamline the research and discovery workflow. Research-quality images with the widest range of objective lenses enables work to the appropriate resolution needed for different experiements in biology, including small organism, cellular or intracellular events etc.

The XLS model of the ImageXpress Microsystem leverages large field-of-view optics to map macro-structures with minimal tiling. In addition, quering of large cell populations is accelerated three fold, speeding up the characterization of highly heterogenous samples or identification of rare sub-populations. The ImageXpress Micro has been cited in more than 750 publications.


  • One system, unlimted configurations
  • Accelerate screens to >50,000 wells per days
  • Expand assay window with 3-log dynamic range
  • One 384-well, one image
  • Reliable assays with <5 % CV of intensities across a plate
  • Complete Solution for HCS with integrated software and database packages
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