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High Throughtput Screening - ROTOR HDA

The Singer ROTOR HDA is a compact benchtop robot for easy, ultra-fast manipulation of high-density arrays of yeast, fungi, bacteria and algae. This ROTOR HDA is designed for the picking and re-plating of yeast, fungi, bacterial and algae cells in various size arrays and can operate with cells grown on solid agar or in liquid media. Reagent sets such as deletion mutant collections and the complete set of cloned yeast genes can be utilised for large-scale 2-hybrid, synthetic genetic array, phenotypic and chemical-genetic analysis.

The ROTOR HDA uses plastic replica plating pads and supports liquid pinning to and from 96 and 384 well microtitre plates and agar pinning at densities 96, 384, 1536, and 6144. Singer RePads® and PlusPlates® come in gamma-irradiated packs and in application-matched sleeves. The ROTOR HDA uses a robotic arm and plastic replica plating pads to pick up samples of cells from culture plates. The robotic arm then moves to a new ‘target’ plate and deposits the cells. The operator selects and uses an appropriate program from a simple, drop-down menu.

The ROTOR HDA uses disposable plastic pin pads, which removes the need for lengthy washing and sterilisation cycles between pinnings. The robotic arm moves very rapidly (up to 3 metresper second) and always selects the shortest path between source and target. Protective roller-shutter and UV disinfectant light source for when the robot is not in use and a clear anti-contaminations screen during operation.

  • Compact, Ultra-fast & Intuitive
  • Duplicate and back up large libraries of yeast,fungi, bacteria and algae
  • Anti-contamination front screen
  • Replicate,mate and re-array from single or multiple source plates
  • Ideal for Cell-based Screening assays, Synthetic Generic Array(SGA)
  • Unparalled Speed!10 Min to replicate entire yeast genome in quadruplicate!
  • Robotic Arm Moves up to 3 Metres a second
  • No Lengthy washing and sterilization cycles between pinnings
  • Any one can operate in a matter of minutes!
  • Array generation at 96,384,768,1536 and 6144 densities.
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High Throughtput Screening - ROTOR HDA