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Endeavour 90III Peptide Synthesizers

Endeavor 90-III Peptide Synthesizer is a small laboratory size solid phase peptide instrument with production scale capacity. It fits on a bench top and does not require a hood but can prepare up to 200 mmoles of peptide in a single synthesis without sacrificing quality.

All liquids are transferred through stainless steel, TFE tubing or glass. Calibration of delivery can also be confirmed to meet all regulations. The control software is user-friendly, easy-to-learn and intuitive. Amino acid vessels are automatically washed after delivery of the amino acid making them ready to be filled with another amino acid. Optional UV-reaction monitoring for Fmoc protocols is available.

The Endeavor 90 III peptide instrument is also a useful laboratory production tool, ideal for coupling linkers to core resins, preparing amino acid substituted resins or preparing specialized resins. The large 1L and optional 2L reactors can process up to 100 g of resin.

  • Vortex Mixing, Nitrogen bubbling or Both
  • Smart-Chem Software with Automated Synthesis and User-Friendly Setup
  • Affordable and Reliable with Low Solvent Consumption and Unlimited Flexibility
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